National Vocation Awareness Week

November 3-9, 2019
  • The Church calls us to pray for Vocations to the Priesthood and to Consecrated Life and to the Permanent Diaconate.
  • Let us take a minute or two to remember the Priests, the Religious Sisters, and the Permanent Deacons that we have known and who have made a difference for good in our lives.
  • Let us thank God for these individuals, and say a prayer for them.
  • And lastly, let us ask God to continue blessing the Church with new Vocations to these States of Life.
  • Can you think of anyone you know whom you might encourage to consider following one of these Vocations?
Lord, give us priests, holy priests, and open our hearts to their teachings. O Mary, the Queen of priests, pray for us and intercede for us many and holy priests. Lord, give us priests and religious men and women according to your Heart.  

Week of Prayers for Vocations


Prayer must have a very important place in the Vocation Promotion. The Lord says it clearly: “pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:38). Prayer constitutes the first and irreplaceable service that we can offer to the cause of vocations. Given that a vocation is always a gift of God, the vocational call and the response to this vocation can only resonate and make itself felt in prayer, without it being understood as an easy recourse to be aloof to work in the evangelization of young people so that they open themselves to the Lord’s call. To pray for vocations implies, in the first place, to pray and work for fidelity in one’s own vocation; to create environments where it is possible to hear the Lord’s call’ to set out to proclaim the “Gospel of vocation, to promote them and cause them.


Mary Most Holy, the Mother of our Savior, had the courage to embrace this ideal, placing her youth and her enthusiasm in God’s hands. Through her intercession, may we be granted that same openness of heart, that same readiness to respond, “Here I am”, to the Lord’s call, and that same joy in setting out (cf. Lk 1:39), like her, to proclaim him to the whole world.
We ask the Lord to grant to all those who are on a vocational journey a deep sense of belonging to the Church; and that the Holy Spirit may strengthen among Pastors, and all of the faithful, a deeper sense of communion, discernment and spiritual fatherhood and motherhood.
Father of Mercy, who gave your Son for our salvation and who strengthens us always with the gifts of your Spirit, grant us Christian communities which are alive, fervent and joyous, which are fonts of fraternal life, and which nurture in the young the desire to consecrate themselves to you and to the work of evangelization. Sustain these communities in their commitment to offer appropriate vocational catechesis and ways of proceeding towards each one’s particular consecration. Grant the wisdom needed for vocational discernment, so that in all things the greatness of your merciful love may shine forth. May Mary, Mother and guide of Jesus, intercede for each Christian community, so that, made fruitful by the Holy Spirit, it may be a source of true vocations for the service of the holy People of God. Amen.


 by Pedro Casald√°lig

You duped me, O Lord, and I let myself be duped as soon as in the circle of my family I learned, in a babbling way, to say Your Name.
You duped me, O Lord, and I let myself be duped in every new calling which brought me to a broken sea.
You duped me, O Lord, and I let myself be duped after the horizon of midday, after the threshold of death.
You duped me, O Lord, and I let myself be duped in every face of the afflicted man in which I see Your crying Face.
You duped me, O Lord, and I let myself be duped and in an unequal fight You overcame me, O Lord, and the victory is Yours.
You duped me, O Lord; it was an unequal fight, yet, the victory is ours.

We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
1Sister M. Leona Eberhardt 2004
4Sister M. Gaudentia Komlo 1955
6Sister M. Natalia Suszter 2008
14Sister Mary Louise Sziszak 2001
15Sister M. Constance Scheinhardt 1963
15Sister M. Edith Nemeth 2013
18Sister M. Evangelist Sziszak 1985
22Sister M. Ambrose Koleszar 1983
28Sister M. Laurentia Varga 2008

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