The Oldest Sister of our Congregation

On February 5, 2018, Sister Hilda, the oldest Sister of our Congregation celebrated her 100th Birthday.

Sister Hilda belongs to the Slovak Province and this year she will celebrate also her 80th Anniversary of Profession. She is the oldest one of her silblings whom she all survived. She took care of her two blood and religious Sisters, Sister Charitas and Sister Gabriela, in their sickness. 

Sister Hilda was educated teacher and she loved to teach. She was the Postulancy Directress.  But the comunist regime ended her teaching career. She became a Nurse and worked at X-ray unit at Oncology Hospital. Later she was Eucharistic Minister at Hospital for long-term sick. With joy, encouragement and good word she brought Jesus to the sick Who strenghten them.

Sister Hilda is still active and helps as much as she could. Her enthusiasm and joy is still shown. Jesus, her Spouse, is the only One in Whom she always put trust.

                         Happy 100th Birthday, Sister Hilda!
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
5Sister M. Ignatius Szucs 1981
8Sister M. Margaret Gall 2003
8Sister M. Roberta Swarczkopf 2003
12Sister M. Thecla Poromb 2007
16Sister M. Adriene Rachwal 1990

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