150th Anniversary of Death

Venerable Servant of God,

Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger

On sunny Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 2 PM, at the Chapel of Sister's Motherhouse were displayed A Dramatization of the Life of Mother Alphonse Marie, Elizabeth Eppinger, Venerable Servant of God, the Foundress of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer, on the occasion of her 150th Anniversary of the Birth for Heaven.

“You have a saint for your Foundress! I repeat: A saint,” declared Cardinal von Rossum after a visit to Niederbronn.
Though the saints desired to battle in the front lines, in the depths of her being, Elizabeth Eppinger had no other aim than to pass by unnoticed. From her early youth up to the time of her death, she lived in that sphere where God sees in secret.
These words heard more then 60 people, who joined all the Sisters and two priests attending this dramatization. The Dramatization was performed by one child and 21 adults, who willingly accepted their role.

The Jubilee Hymn The Work of the Redeemer followed the dramatization. Both works pleased presented very well.

This beautiful Sunday ended with refreshment and fellowship with one and another.

Thank You, Lord God Almighty, for this "Great Day".
Thanks to everyone, who participated in this work. May this work serve for the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of the souls, as Mother Alphose always expressed it. 


Amazing Grace

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from you, it is the gift of God. (Eph 2:8)

We are happy to let you know that on January 31, 2017 the Apostolic Penitentiary in Rome, by Decree, granted us, for the 150th Anniversary of the “Birth for Haven” of our Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie,

the gift of a plenary indulgence

as the mean to obtain graces, from February 2nd to July 31st, 2017.

This opportunity, is the gift of God for us and for all who devoutly visit any of the Chapels of the Communities of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer where they will pray and attend Holy Masses. It is a unique opportunity to praise our Redeemer, give Him thanks and ask Him for forgiveness and graces.

Therefore, we invite you to seize the opportunity to obtain graces by visiting our Chapel, praying, attending Holy Mass, etc. A plenary indulgence is at hand. Just come…

In Decree are set out the conditions to obtain this jubilee plenary indulgence.
Holy Father, Francis, grants a plenary indulgence, accompanied by the prescribed acts (sacrament of confession, Holy Communion and prayer for the intentions of our Holy Father) to the Sisters, Associates and all believers, who really repent. They may gain it only once per day, and it could be applicable to the souls in purgatory, if:

a) They devoutly visit the Chapel of the Community of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer, from February 2nd to July 31st, 2017;

b) They will attend, as visitors, the Jubilee celebrations, prayers and devotions;

c) They will spend a certain time in adoration.

These, have to end by the prayers to our Heavenly Father, Confess the Faith, Invocation to the Blessed Mother of God and Prayer for the Beatification of MAM (see page Prayer), to obtain the graces “ad gratias infundendas”.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His kindness endures forever! (Ps 107:1)
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
4Sister M. Rose Timko 1973
9Sister M. Bernadette Hircsu 1953
10Sister M. Frederick Mikuska 1953
10Sister M. Admirabilis Lang 2012
14Sister M. Maurine Taraba 1979
16Sister M. Cecilia Toth 1982
16Sister M. Innocence Opalko 1999
19Sister M. Philomena Jakab 1992
24Sister M. Hirlanda Farnade 1977
26Sister M. Consolata Toth 1995
27Sister Dorthy Ruth Varga 2018
28Sister M. Dominic Gabriel 1957
30Sister M. Eugenia Takacs 2001

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