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We, the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer, take very seriously our responsibility to support others with our prayers. Share your concerns with us … a sick spouse or child … needed employment … a difficult decision … safety for a loved one in the military … brokenness in the family …

We pray for these intentions: 
  1. For Soman M. who experiences many hardships within his job, family, friendhips and health condition. May God help him in his difficulties and heals his body and mind. 
  2. A very dear, good friend has just left the hospital (cancer). I ask you God: HOLY HIM and send him your love and new life force. And also bless his circle of friends with strength and love so that all have patience: F, L, W, H, F. Please make the friend accept our help. Thank you. Alex K.
  3. Please pray for Nikki to be completely healed of end stage kidney failure and for her life to be saved. Xavier C.
  4. My friend from E. has recently experienced several shocks. She is completely exhausted and so I ask for God's strength, help, and mercy for her. As well as love, so that she can process the suffering, peace and reconciliation with her life situation. Likewise I ask for strength, appreciation and blessings for the pastoral sister at her side as well as for the whole family. Pray for God's blessings to all who pray with me. Segel T.
  5. For those, who struggle with cancer, especially: Fr. Dave, Jason M., George D., Deacon Jack, Jo G.,  and their loved ones
  6. For those, who struggle with addictions, especially: Steph S.
  7. For those, who struggle with financial problems, especially: Gregg C.
  8. For the sick, especially: Lee B. & her son, Margie C.'s husband, Betsy A., Joannt C., Deacon Al Poroda, DeLanie - 13 yrs. old, Lyron H., Neal M., Terry T., Will & his wife and 2 sons, Victoria, Nick H., Mary P., Judy 
  9. For the repose of the soul Jason S. & for his 2 little children and his wife; for Margie C., Kim
  10. For those, who suffer psychologically, especially: Loyd, Damianus A. CH.,
  11. For those, who suffer: Catherine's family (car accident, 8 yrs. old girl died), young man Erick (motorcycle accident)
  12. For those who undergo surgery: Sr. Joanne 
  13. For new vocations to priesthood, religious, good marriages, and those who are single

If you would like to submit a prayer request, please submit the form below
. The Sisters will remember your intentions before the Blessed Sacrament, with a Holy Rosary and prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours.

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