We are a faith community of women who desire to live their religious life in simplicity according to the Evangelical Counsels and the Charism of Mother Alphonse Marie.

Open to God and to all others without distinction, and following the example of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, we want to offer our contribution to assure that all may have life and have it to the full (cf. Jn 10:10).

As we gaze at the Cross of Jesus, we become more and more aware of the brokenness of human life and the universal longing for meaning and fulfillment.

By our presence and our service, we desire to share in the lives of God's children in a torn and wounded world, in order to make the merciful, redeeming love of Jesus more visible.

Charism of the Congregation

The charism of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer is rooted in the charism of Mother Alphonse Marie. It is a gift given to us for the present. As such, this means that we are to place our whole life at the service of the Redemption.

The particular charism of Mother Alphonse Marie was:
  • to meditate on the Mystery of the Redemption,
  • to become wholly immersed in this mystery,
  • to bring it to fruition in apostolic service.
We want to preserve and further develop this gift through prayer, meditation and contemplation on the Mystery of the Redemption, and to pass it on to others.


Spirituality of the Congregation

Spirituality is a lived faith in the loving presence of God. The Spirit of God, by working out our salvation, is active in our lives and in the lives of others.

Together with our Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie, we fix our gaze on Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world. We recognize His Face in our Sisters in community, in all others, and especially in the suffering.

From the Eucharist, the Word of God, the Liturgy, prayer and devotion to the Mother of God, we draw strength to cooperate in the work of Redemption in a spirit of reconciliation.

Contemplation on Christ's sufferings impels us to reach out to others and to awaken the love of God in their hearts.


In the Church, which is like the sacrament - the sign and instrument - of God's own life, the consecrated life is seen as a special sign of the mystery of redemption.
To follow and imitate Christ more nearly and to manifest more clearly his self-emptying is to be more deeply present to one's contemporaries, in the heart of Christ. For those who are on this "narrower" path encourage their brethren by their example, and bear striking witness "that the world cannot be transfigured and offered to God without the spirit of the beatitudes.
(CCC 932)

Religious life derives from the mystery of the Church. It is a gift she has received from her Lord, a gift she offers as a stable way of life to the faithful called by God to profess the counsels. Thus, the Church can both show forth Christ and acknowledge herself to be the Savior's bride. Religious life in its various forms is called to signify the very charity of God in the language of our time. (CCC 926)


Christ the Redeemer, through His incarnation, life and death on the cross resurrected to fulfil His promises. His redemption remains for the human race, and flows as a living fountain of graces, which comes to us through the mercy of God’s love.

We are called to place our whole life at the service of the Redemption.

Our lives are grounded in God’s love, which is revealed to us in Jesus Christ, by which we become capable living this Mystery of Redemption in freedom and joy.
It is our task to enable people to realize that the fulfillment of the salvation that Christ has won for us is already happening.

Saint of the Day
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
1Sister M. Geraldine Galavits 1989
4Sister M. Hyacintha Gabrie 1993
6Sister Majella Eder 1977
6Sister M. Helena Korosy 1987
9Sister M. Inviolata Tirch 1961
11Sister M. Maristella Eichinger 2005
12Sister M. Theodora Petrash 1995
14Sister M. Veronica Nemeth 2000
15Sister M. Teresa Poruban 2005
16Sister M. Ilona Stefanovics 1986
23Sister Mary Alice Varga 2013
25Sister M. Celestine Fazekas 1934

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