“By prayer, example and works of charity lead others to God."
Blessed Alphonse Marie Eppinger

Associate Program

In 2001, with the desire to spread the spirit, the charism, of Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger, the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer invited lay men and women to become Associates of the Divine Redeemer.

What is Associate membership?

Associate membership with the Divine Redeemer Sisters
  • is a non-vowed membership in our Community
  • offered to those who desire to share in the spirit and the mission of the Sisters
  • it forms a unique bond of friendship, mutually enriching relationship between religious and lay persons, both called to the leaven of holiness in the world.
The aim of lay Associates Membership is expressed in the mission statement: «Associate membership with the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer unites lay persons with the Sisters of the Congregation in living the charism of the Congregation by participating in its redemptive mission. Through such a relationship, Associates aim to respond more fully to the call of personal holiness for the redemption of the world. Sharing in the prayer, spirit and ministry of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer enhances their cherished Gospel values.

Who are called to Associate membership?

  • Christians committed to Jesus and to the life He taught and exemplified,
  • who want to deepen their personal relationship with Him,
  • who are capable of making a temporary commitment to the community, who desire to know and to live the spirit and mission of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer,
  • who wish to join with them in activities of prayer, service, and personal growth.

What does the commitment as an Associate involve?

It forms a bond of friendship and involves mutual sharing of gifts, talents and ideas. The Associate Members, either single or married, are encouraged to strive for holiness in everyday life and lead an exemplary Christian life, while remaining in her/his own home and life situation.

The Associates share in the redemptive mission of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer by:
  • Deepening their own personal relationship with the Lord,
  • Becoming acquainted with and emulating the community’s spirit of redemptive love;
  • Growing in the knowledge of the Congregation’s history and of the life of the Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger,
  • Manifesting the spirit of Jesus in their contacts, in their family, scholastic, business or social surroundings;
  • Participation in service to the Church, the poor and the needy.
The Associate member desires to be a witness of the all-embracing love of God, and in this way, to participate in the great work of the world’s redemption. This is the spirit of redemptive love.

Though the commitment is the same for all associates, its implementation will differ, depending on the associate’s life situation, circumstances, and other commitments.

Patroness of the Associates

The special Patroness of the Divine Redeemer Associates is Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, who is also the Patroness of the Congregation. She shared the joys, sorrow and glories of her Son as he completed the great work of the redemption. Mary is the Model of those who strive to imitate Jesus and spread the Good News of the Redemption.

What are some examples of spreading “Redemptive Love?

  • Offering pains and sufferings to the Redeemer for the poor souls, for souls in danger of death, for the conversions of sinners, etc.
  • Praying for the poor souls, for the priests, the dying, the needy, etc.
  • Helping in the parish community as lector, Eucharistic Minister, washing altar linens;
  • Visiting the sick and homebound, sharing prayer and friendship;
  • Being involved in reaching out services in the local community such as the food bank, volunteering in the soup kitchen;
  • Volunteering at Divine Redeemer Motherhouse as receptionist, helping with the flea market etc.;
  • Caring for elderly parents, relatives, friends with compassion and love; assuring them of the Redeemer’s love,


After attending Associate meetings for about one year, Associates make a commitment for one year. This commitment is renewed annually during a Vesper Prayer Service with the Sisters. At this time, they are given a lapel pin, the By-Laws of Lay Divine Redeemer Associates, and sign the Commitment Book. Supper with the Sisters follows.


Currently 28 Associate members made their commitment and 13 have not made their commitment giving a total of 41 members. In this group there are 37 women and 4 men.

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