Sts. Timothy and Titus, Bishops

St. Timothy was from Lystra in Lycaonia, born of a Greek father and a Jewish mother. He was educated in the assiduous reading of the Scriptures. His mother, Eunice, and his grandmother, Lois, as well as St. Timothy himself, probably embraced the Faith during St. Paul’s first stay at Lystra. On St. Paul’s return there during the second missionary journey, St. Timothy was highly recommended by the Christians. Accordingly the Apostle chose him as a missionary companion and sent him on difficult, confidential missions.

During the first imprisonment of the Apostle at Rome, St. Timothy was with his master. After this imprisonment he accompanied the Apostle on his last missionary journey and was left at Ephesus to take charge of the Church there. The Apostle, shortly before his death, wrote St. Timothy to come to him before the winter. According to tradition St. Timothy spent the rest of his life at Ephesus as its Bishop. He was martyred during the winter of the year 97.

St. Titus was the friend and disciple of St. Paul, who ordained him Bishop of Crete. About the year 56 St. Paul sent him on a mission to Corinth to reform the Church there. He is said to have been the most cherished disciple of St. Paul, who, in the year 64, addressed one of his Epistles to him instructing him in the care of his flock. St. Titus accompanied St. Paul and St. Barnabas to the Council of Jerusalem. He was uncircumcised, and although at the Council Judaizers insisted that he submit to this rite, St. Paul refused to permit it. According to tradition, he returned to Crete to exercise his episcopal office, and died there about the year 96.

PRAYER: Lord God, You filled Sts. Timothy and Titus with apostolic virtues, through their intercession may we live good and religious lives her on earth and thus be worthy of our heavenly home. Amen.
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