Presentation of Mary

There was a religious custom among the Jews, in former times, of promising to dedicate children to God’s service in the Temple, even before the children were born. The child, before its fifth year had passed, was taken to the Temple at Jerusalem and committed to the care of the priest who offered it to Lord, and, sometimes, the child remained in the Temple to be educated and trained to serve the sanctuary and sacred ministers by making vestments and ornaments, assisting at the services, and contributing to the worship of God in the various liturgical offices.

Tradition tells us that Blessed Virgin Mary was vowed to God by her parents, St. Joachim and St. Anne, and taken by them to the temple when she was three years old. This offering and dedication of the Blessed Virgin o the Lord, the Church commemorates by the feast of the Presentation on November 21. In some religious communities the day is observed with special devotion as a patronal feast.

PRAYER: Today we celebrate the glorious memorial of the most holy Virgin Mary. Grant, Lord, that through her intercession we too may receive many graces from Your superabundant bounty. Amen.
Saint of the Day
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
7 Sister M. Thomas Marnell 2010
9Sister M. Beatrice Szabo 1990
13Sister M. Elizabeth Vargo 1990
17Sister M. Augustine Wayner 1998
18Sister M. Antonia Pederi 2004
20Sister M. Barbara Ackerman 2001
22Sister M. Clara Kozma 1968
28Sister M. Amalia Gonczol 1977
30Sister M. Andrea Czel 1953
30Sister M. Concella Baksa 1988
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