St. Odran, Abbot

Odran was an Irish abbot of the 6th century. After serving as Abbot of Meath, he volunteered to go St. Columba as one of the latter’s twelve companions (and blood relatives) to bring the faith to Iona.

The group set out in 563 in a small wicker boat covered with leather and on the eve of Pentecost arrived at the island of Iona. St. Odran and his companions quickly set about building a monastery, which went on to become famous throughout the centuries.

However, Odran soon became deathly ill and told St. Columba that he would be the first to die there under the Covenant of the Kingdom of God. Columba said to him: “I will gibe you that Kingdom.” Then he blessed Odran and went outside.

While walking, Columba gazed upward and had a vision of Odran’s soul being taken to heaven by a band of Angels. Thus, Odran was the first of the Irish monks to give his life for the conversion of the people there.

Odran is said to have founded a monastery at Latteragh in Tipperary. His death occurred around 563, and he is regarded as the Patron of Waterford, Ireland.

PRAYER: Lord, amid the things of this world, let us be wholeheartedly committed to heavenly things in imitation of the example of evangelical perfection You have given us in St. Odran the Abbot. Amen.
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