St. Emmerammus, Bishop

St. Emmerammus lived in the 7th century and is known to have preached the Gospel in Poitiers as a missionary (and possibly even Bishop). He then decided to bring the faith to the pagans in Germany and Bavaria.

When he got there, he was asked by Duke Theodo to minister to his subjects in Regensberg. The Saint remained there three years, leading to conversion of a goodly number. Then Emmerammus decided to make a pilgrimage to Rome.

As the story goes, Uta, the daughter of the Duke, was expecting a child out of wedlock. Uta named Emmerammus as the father. When Duke Theodo and his son Lantpert learned of Uta's pregnancy, Lantpert went after the man of God. Lantpert caught up with him and apparently treated him very badly. Although the Saint escaped from going back, he died from his injuries when he reached Feldkirchen, about the year 690.

The Revised Martyrology states that St. Emmerammus was “slain for Christ’s sake”, and the Church regards him as a Bishop even though his name does not appear on the episcopal lists of any See.

PRAYER: Lord, through St. Emmeramus, Your Bishop, You brought those who had no faith out of darkness into the light of Truth. By his intercession, keep us strong in our faith and steadfast in the hope of the Gospel he preached. Amen.
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