St. Constantius

According to St. Gregory the Great, St. Constantius, a layman, was sacristan of the famous Cathedral of St. Stephen at Ancona, Italy, in the fifth century. In monastic garb, he attended to his duties with a great spirit of perfection that belied his slight stature. He was known as a wonder-worker, and one of his deeds consisted in keeping the lamps of the church lighted even with water or oil in them. Word of his holiness and extraordinary powers spread far and wide, prompting many to ask spiritual favors of him.

The character of the Saint is best illustrated by a story told about him. One day a rude fellow happened into the church and at the sight of the Saint on a ladder attending to the lamps refused to believe in his sanctity. Instead, he began to insult and ridicule the man of God, calling him a liar and a man full of pride; St. Constatntius, hearing this tirade, ran to the man and embraced and kissed him in gratitude for having seen him as he was and telling him so. As St. Gregory remarked, he thus gave conclusive proof that he was as great in humility as in miracles.

PRAYER: God, through the intercession of St. Constantius, grant that we may overcome all feelings of pride. May we always serve You with the humility that pleases You, through his merits and example. Amen.
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