Rosary for Vocations

  • Jesus, who is the Light of our life
  • Jesus, who heals us by His merciful love
  • Jesus, who will take us to His eternal glory 

1. Mystery: The Baptism in the Jordan
Prayer Intention:
In this Mystery, we ask You, Lord, that through the intercession of Your Mother, Mary, that young men seek in their lives You and hear Your calling to the Service of the Altar. Lord, as You revealed Your Divinity at the Jordan and outlined Your mission of sacrifice and salvation, so give courage to young men to sacrifice their lives in the service and salvation of others.

2. Mystery: The Wedding at Cana
Prayer Intention:
In this Mystery, we ask You, Lord, that through the intercession of Your Mother, Mary, that young people have courage to leave their native home and their loved ones and with love embark on a journey of adventure to spread Your Gospel in the mission countries.

3. Mystery: The Proclamation of the Kingdom
Prayer Intention:
In this Mystery, we ask You, Lord, that through the intercession of Your Mother, Mary, and for those young people who desire to live their vocation in accepting the gift of marriage and parenthood. Fill their hearts with mutual love and respect so that they are open and willing to give their children to the service for the Kingdom of God.

4. Mystery: The Transfiguration
Prayer Intention:
In this Mystery, we ask You, Lord, for new religious vocations through the intercession of Your Mother, Mary. Wake up in the young people the desire for religious vocation. Fill their hearts with certainty that You chose them to love, glorify, and serve You in others. Give them courage to answer “YES” to Your calling by complete and exclusive surrender to You.

5. Mystery: The institution of the Eucharist
Prayer Intention:
In this Mystery of the Rosary we ask You, Lord, that through the intercession of Your Mother, Mary, for young men and women, who in the midst of their desires and hopes discern their vocation. Give them Your Spirit, who will calm the turmoil of their young hearts. Endow with Your love and wisdom those who spiritually direct these young people on the way of discernment.


Adoration for New Vocations

Jesus, Good Shepherd, accept our praise and humble thanksgiving for all vocations which You gave to Your Church through the Holy Spirit. Help Bishops, Priests, and all consecrated persons to be faithful witnesses of the Gospel. Guide and protect young people of our families, our communities and parishes.

Lk 18:28-30........... Reword of Those Who Left Everything
Jn. 1:43-51 ............Phillip’s Calling
Mt 4:18-22 ............Calling of the Apostles
Mt 9:35-38 ............Harvest is Abundant but the Laborers Are Few
Mt 19:16-22 ..........The Rich Young Man
Mt 20:1-16 ............The Workers in the Vineyard

1. Lord Jesus, many, when they heard Your words about the Bread and the Resurrection, left You. Give courage to young people to hear Your words and put them in their lives.
All: Hear us, O Lord.
2. Lord Jesus, Christian vocation is mainly dialogue between God and human being. Encourage, by the power of Your Spirit, all consecrated persons to listen often to Your words so that their vocation become deeply rooted.
All: Hear us, O Lord.
3. Lord Jesus, You always call new worker to Your vineyard. Call young men and women from our parishes to become willing witnesses of Your love and serve You in Your brothers and sisters.
All: Hear us, O Lord.
4. Lord Jesus, You often went to the Temple with Mary and Joseph to listen the words of Your Father. We ask You for the grace that parents bring their children to attend the Holy Mass as often as possible, and read the Holy Scriptures at home so the faith of their children will be strengthened.
All: Hear us, O Lord.
5. Lord Jesus, give us the grace that all Christians through their prayer, life and work show people God’s loving face that the number of God’s people, good marriages, and new vocations increase.
All: Hear us, O Lord.
6. Lord Jesus, we ask You, to bless our priests, religious men and women and all consecrated persons so that they build among themselves communities of love and peace, and communities of living faith and prayer.
All: Hear us, O Lord.
7. Lord Jesus, encourage all who ponder about priestly or religious vocations that they carefully listen to Your words You speak to them: “There is no one who has given up house or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God who will not receive back an overabundant return in this present age and eternal life in the age to come.”
All: Hear us, O Lord.
8. Lord Jesus, the missionary dimension of the Church is beginning in the Easter Mystery. We ask You for priests, religious men and women, consecrated lay persons and all who desire walk the path of consecration that they grow deeply in knowledge that our Heavenly Father called and chose them so that they become submissive in their lives and everything they are and possess Him.
All: Hear us, O Lord.

Lord Jesus, hear our prayer and help us to never stand indecisiveness or uncertainty at the crossroads of our lives, but strengthened by the Holy Spirit become understanding to Your voice and with faith bravely accept Your calling. You, who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

Lord Jesus, one day You called Your disciples and made them fishermen of souls. We ask You, to renew Your calling through us even today. With desire and awareness of responsibility we want to build Your Kingdom. We want to give You our deepest inner being of our hearts and our experience of marriage, priesthood, and consecrated life in confidence that only You know our answer of an everyday calling to live fully the Gospel of Your Merciful Love.
Lord Jesus, we kneel before You asking for the grace to understand that very “vocation” is a sign of Your fidelity. Make us willing to participate in Your fidelity by being responsible for new vocations in our parishes, dioceses, and communities. Give us the grace to completely give ourselves to You or accept the gift of marriage and parenthood. Let it be done with Your help. Amen.
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
7 Sister M. Thomas Marnell 2010
9Sister M. Beatrice Szabo 1990
13Sister M. Elizabeth Vargo 1990
17Sister M. Augustine Wayner 1998
18Sister M. Antonia Pederi 2004
20Sister M. Barbara Ackerman 2001
22Sister M. Clara Kozma 1968
28Sister M. Amalia Gonczol 1977
30Sister M. Andrea Czel 1953
30Sister M. Concella Baksa 1988
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