Corporal Works of Mercy

"Be merciful just as your Father is merciful." 
(Lk 6:36)

Feed the Hungry

The Scripture says:
“One does not live alone, but every word
that comes forth from the mouth of God...“
(Mt 4:4)

In this modern time, where,
one lives by bread, on the one hand,
zillions of people go hungry and
on the other hand, we have obesity problems.
Perhaps it would be good
to stop and open the Scripture
who opens the Scriptures
is breaking bread for the hungry.

Give Drink to the Thirsty

Dew for the soul is prayer,
that quenches thirst for God.

Spending time in prayer
is not wasted but fruitful for the soul.

By the Virgin Mary‘s
intercession at the Wedding in Cana,
she did not lose anything,
on the contrary,
she quenches the thirst of guests.

My prayer can soothe the thirst of others for God.

Clothe the Naked

Words are powerful!

Today it is a daily occurrence
to undress everyone by words
and to make them naked
like "Adam“ or "Eve".

As defamation undresses man;
praise dresses man.

Shelter the Homeless

On our streets many people
pass daily
looking into their
cell phones and tablets.

Martin Heidegger says:
“Technology has overcome all distances,
but did not create any closeness.“

Blessed are those who are able
to turn off their cell phones and tablets,
because they
understand the heart of others.

Comfort the Imprisoned

Prisoners should not be limited to those
who are serving their sentence in prisons.

Our Holy Father, Francis, often turns to those
who are on the periphery of society
and to the prisoners of poverty and abuse.

Prisoners are also those
who are enslaved by sin:
prostitutes and tax collectors, addicts or alcoholics.

Maybe, you just come to them, name them,
and sit down with them at the table,
as Christ did with Zacchaeus.

Perhaps, through this impulse, salvation will come to their home.

Visit the Sick

Someone says:
“The doctor is about the only person in the world,
who, when he asks:
'How are you?',
he really wants to know the answer.“

You're not the only one
in the world who suffers!

Perhaps, due to the tree of my pain,
I do not see the forest of the pains of others,
who need my human interest in them. 

Bury the Dead

Burying the dead is a sign
of our respect for the deceased.

But do not we sometimes, bury someone alive?
A man says,
But how many times
have we buried others, alive, in our heart!

Maybe it's time to take a shovel in hand
and dig out the "dead man" who is waiting for his "resurrection"
and then throw the "ax of war" into the empty tomb and sing the requiem.
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
1Sister M. Martha Berdar 1985
6Sister M. Sabina Horvath 1962
11Sister M. Lucretia Seif 2002
16Sister M. Colombiere Hofstetter 2012
20Sister M. Catherine Kocsak 1995
22Sister M. Perpetua Takacs 1987
25Sister M. Fidelis Biro 1997
29Sister M. Imelda Siebert 1986

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