Pilgrimage to the Holy Door in Pittsburgh

Pope Francis’ desire is that Jubilee Year of Mercy would be celebrated not only in Rome but also in the local Churches. For the first time in the history of the Jubilee tradition, there is an opportunity for Pittsburgh Diocese to open a Holy Door – the Door of Mercy.

To reach a genuine experience of God’s mercy and meet the Face of the Father who welcomes and forgives, forgetting completely our sins committed, eight Sisters went to the pilgrimage and devoutly crossed through the Door of Mercy in St. Paul’s Cathedral in Pittsburgh, on July 13, 2016.

It is most impressive that the Jubilee Year of Mercy Prayer and the encouragingwords of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, are framed around the Holy Door. These are helpful for everyone who devoutly crosses through the Door of Mercy and thus fulfill one of the conditions to gain the plenary indulgence. 

After crossing the Holy Door, Sisters spent about one hour in private prayer followed by the noon Holy Mass, celebrated by the Parochial Vicar, Reverend Adam Verona, STL. At the end of Holy Mass Reverend Verona thanked the Sisters for coming to the Cathedral because they are a sign for others. Especially this Year of Mercy we are called to experience and obtain the Indulgence by making a brief pilgrimage through the Holy Door … as a sign of the deep desire for the true conversion …

After Holy Mass the Sisters met with Reverend Verona and many people who share their joys and sorrows. Some of these
peopleknew the Sisters for many years and it was great to meet them again. It was also a pleasure both for the Sisters and the people. All these wonderful people will be remembered in our prayers. 

May God be glorified by all of us!

The impressions of the Sisters

When our Superior announced there was a pilgrimage scheduled in our Cathedral to spend some quiet time at the Holy Door at our own Cathedral in Pittsburgh, I was happy to hear eight of us were going for a short adoration and even Holy Mass at noon. It was hot but quiet and the hour before Mass went very quickly.
I was surprised to see the large number of people at this Mass, people who work in the area, live nearby and summer students at the universities. We had opportunity to speak with some and not only receive the indulgences given to those attending but also a fine homily and blessing from the young priest living at the Cathedral.
I was also delighted to see a woman whose husband and children were from St. Bartholomew Parish and School in Penn Hills where many of our sisters taught for many years. Sharing of memories of our years there was a special gift of the pilgrimage that I will treasure.
Also the special treat on the way home will be treasured. God's graces were with us and we arrived home safely.

Sister Rosemary, SDR

"God's kindness and mercy are great!"  (Mother Alphonse Marie)

Holy Father, Pope Francis, by this Jubilee Year of Mercy, offers us many graces which we can gain by going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Door.
It was a grace for me to have a great silence and personal adoration before the Blessed Sacrament as well as going through the Holy Door and attending Holy Mass.
Our Holy Father, Francis, is a great example for us to perform the Works of Mercy. Talk about the Works of Mercy and carry them out--according to st. Peter's successor--are two different things. "Mercy in not an abstract word, but a style of life", he said in a crowded St. Peter's Square (Vatican, June 30, 2016).
those graces I wanted, in the spirit of our Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie, to mediate also our Sisters. Mother Alphonse says: "God's kindness and mercy are great!"
It was a pleasure for me to see our sisters smiling, pleased and happy. They were a real witness of spreading the Works of Mercy at the place where we moved. In this way they participated in the apostolate of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer.

Sister Alojziana, SDR

My tripto the Cathedral was a dream come true!
I hope we could go though thr Holy Door and I was very happy to be able to do so. I gave the door a kiss as I entered. It was a very touching experience.
We had time to pray and meditate before we had Holy Mass. It was a very special time of grace thet we spent at the Cathedral.
Our Holy Father would be pleased that we made the effort to follow his request to pass through the Holy Door and gain the indulgences offered to each of us.
It is a day of happy remembrance and gratitude to our Superior for making the arrangements for us.

Sister Celestine, SDR 
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
3Sister M. Agnes Szakal 1991
6Sister M. Ernestine Spisak 1985
7Sister M. Carmella Ducsay 2004
8Sister M. Frances Porob 1986
15Sister Lucille Toth 2022
20Sister M. Agilbertha Laszlo 1992
23Sister M. Bertha Decsi 1970
25Sister M. Cornelia Stropkey 2003
29Sister M. Rosanne Washy 2008
31Rev. Emil Egner, Chaplain 1959

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