The Instrument of God's Mercy

Mercy is a true and own nature that manifests appreciates, maintains and frees the good of all the evils that occur in the world and in man.“
(St. John Paul II)

Little Elizabeth asked her mother :
“Why did they crucify our Savior like that?“

O my Jesus, I desire to love You,
but in order to love You,
You must help me to know Your love and Your Mercy (little Elizabeth).


A man who has open eyes and heart for the needs of others, cannot stand idle, but, comes out, looking for ways to help others.
“After the Divine Heart of Jesus, there is no other heart more merciful and more full of mercy than the most holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary.“

Specifically today the Lord gives His church a religious order for the support of the poor and for the care of the sick poor in their homes, and this through the founding of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer and do the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

During the time of the founding of the Congregation, she was often terri­fied at her own weakness and misery. She confided her work completely to God and prayed for His help and mercy.

She instilled a great confidence in God to the poor, the suffering and sinners. Many testify how she was able to touch the hearts of her listeners when she spoke to them about confidence in God. She fulfilled her obligations in justice, without regard for per­sons, rank, race or nationality.

To instill Divine confidence
in the dying and
to give hope to the afflicted
were the goals Mother Alphonse Marie had for her work .

So, as Mother Alphonse Marie, instruct her first followers
and encourage them to trust in God's mercy,
after more than 160 years of this Congregations’ existence,
she is encouraging us, her Sisters.

As you know, God’s Mercy has no limits! O, how great is the kindness and mercy of God toward us; he overlooks our weaknesses. Despite our ingratitude toward Him, God pursues us with His grace and manifests His mercy to us ever more and more, if we urgently ask Him. “I desire, O my Jesus, to love you and to be worthy of You! But, can I love you, as I should, if you do not help me to recognize Your lovableness and your mercy?”

A soul that, sincerely, desires to love Mary and to imitate her virtues, will receive, through her intercession, everything she asks for. Yes, even if our sinfulness were ever so great, we would find help at Our Lady’s feet. If God were to cast us completely away, we would still find grace with Mary. Pray, continually, for the conversion of sinners and recommend them to the beloved Mother of God, Your prayers will be heard!

O my Jesus, grant that everyone may acknowledge Your love and your fatherly providence, particularly, however, your servants at the altar: confessors, pastors, and those entrusted with the guidance of souls. There is so little respect for Priests, God's mediators. They are seldom remembered in prayers. There are the numerous afflictions of the faithful and of the Church.

The words for a safe life journey

  • You must see the Savior in the poor and in the sick.
  • You shall support the sick and help them as much as you can.
  • In difficult times, Mother Alphonse Marie tried to help Sisters spiritually, strengthen them, consolidate and encourage them. “Like good soldiers," she taught them, "fight courageously, with renewed strength each day!”
  • Don’t consider suffering and anguish, a punishment from God because, on the contrary, they are a solid proof of His protection, of His favor toward us, which are sign of His Fatherly love for us.
  • Let people think what they want of us.
  • Let continue to help anyone who has fallen a slave to the evil one.
  • Bear with joy whatever is unpleasant, for you can, thereby, make reparation for a great number of sins.
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
1Sister M. Martha Berdar 1985
6Sister M. Sabina Horvath 1962
11Sister M. Lucretia Seif 2002
16Sister M. Colombiere Hofstetter 2012
20Sister M. Catherine Kocsak 1995
22Sister M. Perpetua Takacs 1987
25Sister M. Fidelis Biro 1997
29Sister M. Imelda Siebert 1986

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