Sister Geraldine

Sister Mary Geraldine Vargo, SDR

75th Anniversary

Sister Mary Geraldine Vargo, SDR was born in Barberton, Ohio and baptized at Holy Trinity Church. She taught herself piano at age 5, unaware that she would teach hundreds of children to love music and play piano.

After receiving her B.S. in Education from St. John’s College in Cleveland, Sister Geraldine taught intermediate grades in parish schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Sometime later the Provincial Superior, Sr. Innocence, assigned Sr. Geraldine to study French at Duquesne University. Sr. Celine offered to give her a headstart using books from the Order’s academy. On the way over, Sr. Geraldine met the new Provincial, Sr. Beatrice, who told her, “No, you will major in Music.” A most satisfying surprise considering Sister’s love for music.

After receiving her B.A. in Music from Carlow College (Pittsburgh) in 1974, Sister began teaching music full-time; the longest stretch was 25 years at St. Bartholomew’s in Penn Hills. Her days were also spent preparing children for the annual Spring concert; and directing the children’s choir for Christmas and Easter and the Pittsburgh Diocesan Children’s Music Festival (intermediate division).

In 2005 Sr. Geraldine came to the Motherhouse where she helped at the reception desk; also with driving and dishwashing; and taught piano. She directed the Sisters’ choir, played the organ, and could sing alto, descant, and all the notes in between. At 94 she still helps “the older Sisters” at mealtime in the dining room.

As Sister’s eyesight continues to diminish, she finds joy in the accomplishments of her students. Nathan, now 22 years old, began piano lessons in 2008 at age 10 eventually moving on to the organ. When Sr. Geraldine was visiting our Sisters in Europe, Nathan played the organ in the Motherhouse chapel for Sunday Masses; he then offered to continue once a month.

When asked how she is able to accept her loss of eyesight, Sister responds, “I offer it for the conversion of sinners, that no one be lost.” She begins each day very early, in the quiet of the chapel, with personal prayer, then with the Community.

Sr. Geraldine enjoys keeping in touch with her large family; playing Rummikub; sharing jokes; and, when she was able, caring for the Lourdes and Fatima shrines, and the Divine Redeemer statue at the entrance to the Motherhouse.

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Happy Anniversary, Sister Geraldine!

Sister Lucille

Sister Lucille Toth, SDR

75th Anniversary

Sister Lucille Toth, SDR (formerly Sister Marie) was born on Cleveland’s East Side; her home parish was St. Margaret of Hungary. She was one of many girls whom the pastor, Msgr. Andrew Kollar, encouraged to join the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer. Sr. Antonia, SDR also had an influence on Sr. Lucille. As a highschooler, Sr. Lucille passed her former grade school each morning on the way to her streetcar stop. At times she would visit Sr. Antonia in her classroom, even help her, for example, by writing on the blackboard sentences for the students to diagram.

After high school and working briefly as a clerk at Pekoe’s Hardware Store, Sr. Lucille entered the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer in 1944, professing her vows 2 ½ years later. She received her B.S. degree in Education from St. John’s College in Cleveland and began teaching Grade 1 in 1946 at Little Flower Orphanage in Darby, Pennsylvania. She went on to teach for 25 years in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York—all grades except Grade 2. Her favorites were Grades 5-6.

Sr. Lucille then attended Robert Morris Business College (Pittsburgh) and served in the business office at several of the Community’s institutions, the longest being treasurer at Villa St. Teresa Assisted Living Home in Darby, Pennsylvania for 22 years.

Sister retired in 2005 and returned to the Motherhouse in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania where she helped out at the reception desk. Today she continues to serve by offering her sufferings and prayers for the needs of the Church and for others.

If you were to enter Sr. Lucille’s bedroom you would find an array of pictures of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and of priests who helped Sister over the years and with whom she became friends. Today each of these—and seminarians—are remembered in her prayers.

Sister Lucille is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Blessed Mother, to the Holy Trinity and to her patron, St. Lucy.

One of Sr. Lucille’s most treasured memories is the year she helped take care of her own sister, Sister Cecilia Toth, when she was dying at Divine Redeemer Memorial Hospital in So. St. Paul, Minnesota.

On the lighter side, Sister enjoys reading, following comic strips in the newspaper, watching “Jeopardy” and “Little House on the Prairie”, and eating strawberry ice cream.

When it comes time for Sr. Lucille to meet the Lord, we think she might be taken up—as in the words of her favorite hymn—“On Eagle’s Wings”.
Happy Anniversary, Sister Lucille!

Sister Monica

Sister Mary Monica Kosztolnyik, SDR

60th Anniversary

Sister Mary Monica Kosztolnyik, SDR was born May 6, 1942 in Gyor, Hungary. When she was 7 years old her family fled Hungary because of conditions resulting from World War II. They stayed above an inn in Mernbach, Austria and it was from there that their mother was taken to a hospital in Saltzburg where she died.

Eventually the family moved to refugee camps and then to a mink farm in America (Minnesota). Sister remembers, as if it were yesterday, their first meal at the farm: sitting on orange crates, eating bread and onions, and their father thanking God for their blessings.

After this, the family settled in Cleveland near a Hungarian parish, St. Emeric’s. Sister Monica and her youngest brother, Eddie, attended the school which was staffed by the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer. While there Sister experienced the same kindness she had experienced from other religious Communities in the past. At the time of her Confirmation she already knew she wanted to become a Sister and belong to the Lord.

Sister entered the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer in 1959 and professed her First Vows in 1961. She received a B.S. and M.A. in Education, and later an M.A. in Formative Spirituality, from Duquesne University.

She was an upper-elementary teacher for 18 years and a principal for 6 years. Following these assignments Sister served as Vocation Director for her religious Community; Director of Initial Formation including the Juniorate; and Provincial Superior for 3 terms. After leaving office Sister Monica continued to support and help each Superior that succeeded her.
She serves as Vicar Provincial; Archivist; Moderator of the Associate Program; and helps wherever needed: accompanying sick Sisters to the doctor, setting up displays for feastdays & holidays, writing thank-you cards to the Community’s many benefactors, etc.

Even during the recent corona-virus pandemic, Sr. Monica kept in contact with the Associates sending them Scripture reflections and study questions every two months.

Sister’s kindness is evident many times during the day as she offers to help others or stops to listen. She is deeply grateful for her Community and that Jesus called her to be a Sister.

Her interests include: studying Scripture, reading, crocheting, playing Scrabble, and baking Hungarian desserts like the “dobos torte”, an eight-layer “drum cake” with chocolate butter-cream frosting.

Happy Anniversary, Sister Monica!

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