Craft Lovers Paradise

My mother taught me how to do craft work. We worked together until I came to the convent. We made many beautiful crocheted little baskets and stiffened them sugar and put flowers into them that we made. We made dolls dressed in 5-inch wide ribbons for weddings and birthdays. She taught me how to crochet pillow case edgings, dresser scarves, and handkerchiefs.

Since I have retired from teaching after 40 years, I still make lace angels, lace Christmas pins to wear. These items are sold at craft sales for “the tears of His love” and the proceeds go to help the poor, the missions and the Indians.

In my free time I like to treat the Sister special Hungarian desserts, which are familiar to all of them.

Four Seasons

Look at these beautiful flowers! How nice they are arranged! God is in work through the hands of people. Now, while still is cold outside, here flowers are blooming. New life. After winter, a long period of darkenss and cold, new life is sprang. God sent His only Son to bring us new life. His Passion, death and Resurrection talk about our own life. The same these beautiful flowers. From simple bulbs or seeds which were put to dark soil grew beautiful flawers. Let our heart rejoice.

One beautiful fall day, I went to the Phipps Conservatory to view the mums. They were breathtaking with all the beautiful colors that I saw and so many of them. When I saw those beautiful mums, my soul was lifted up to heaven and I admired God's love to us. He pleases us with those nice flowers in various colors. How nice must be our God and how He loves us when He created that beauty for us!
The glass creations were extraordinary. We watched how they were made. It reminded me God's wisdom and creativity which He shares with us!

Each season of the year has its own charm. It was with great awe and amazement that I saw that beautiful large decorated tree as we entered the room. Below it was a carpet of red Poisenttias that added to the Christmas clelbration of our Lord's upcoming Birthday celelbration.
The workers did their very best to make everything as beautiful as possible. The flowers were spread everywhere to white and red with the glass figures included. All was very uplifting and I praise God for all His loveliness and goodness to us.

Sister Celestine, SDR

We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
7Sister M. Marian Kovacs 2007
9Sister M. Enrica Babonics 2006
12Sister M. Emerana Krar 1987
13Sister M. Leopoldina Muller 1945
15Sister M. Anastasia Budai 2000
18Sister Barbara Therese Nyers 2002
19Sister M. Redempta Paul 2012
20Sister M. Elaine Zboray 2008
28Sister M. Reinholda Encz 2006
29Sister M. Athanasia Szucs 1991
31Sister M. Aristida Jurko 1973
31Sister M. Chrysanta Gerdenich 1980

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