Annual Flea Market

 Form June 1-3, 2017, many people visited  the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer.
Why? Because they found
  • Fun
  • Cheap stuff
  • Friends
  • Joy
  • Treasures
  • Surprise
  • Gift for loved ones
  • Etc.
The Sisters with the aid of the Associates, their friends and volunteers, prepared many fine items and beautifully arranged them for people. 
Therefore, many people came and bought what they liked. Even though, many of them returned to buy more items.  
Why? Because

It was, also, a way of being connected to the world, meet many people, form friendships and pray for those who are walking to share even their difficulties.

God bless all who devoted time to prepare arangament for this Flea Market and those who came to buy items.

The Orchestration of a Flea Market

During the month of May 2016, faithful volunteers (both men and women) worked along side of Louise Konchak, (chairman) and Sharon Wills (Co-chairman) and Sister Monica to sort, clean, and display donated items in St. Ann’s Hall which is below the Motherhouse chapel. Sister Rosemary, working with a crew of faithful volunteers, was in charge of communications….phone calls, small posters, street signs, and the placement of a large banner in the front yard of Divine Redeemer Motherhouse.

One unique feature of Divine Redeemer Flea Market is that the items are displayed as if you were going to shop in a store. Table cloths are spread and matching napkins are folded; fine china dinnerware is complemented with sparkling stemware; crystal candles sticks and floral arrangements add the final touch to many of the tables. A blue covered table is high-lighted with handmade doilies on which wine glasses and other stemware are carefully positioned together with an ice bucket and wine bottle holder. Clusters of grapes add the final touch.

If Autumn is your favorite season then your eyes are drawn to amber glasses, dishes, bowls, and platters which have been artfully arranged on an autumn colored tablecloth. Candle sticks and a floral arrangement accent the setting. Your eyes are invited to come and imagine the lovely pieces in your dining room.

If a more country style is your forte, then come to the table set with blue mugs, bowls, and a plump hen dressed in blue calico accompanied by a dandy rooster. A large warm brown bean pot and bowls set your tummy growling.

A pink and white lace boutique displays a mirror and brush set of silver; swans can hold hand towels and/or various soaps; matching lotion bottles mingle with perfume atomizers. There are also curlers of every description. The list goes on.

The colonial or patriotic table is graced with a lamp in which the base is painted with pretty colonial gentry. There are figurines to match. For the more homespun tastes, early crockery and trivets can be found.

A Christmas fairyland fills the entire stage. Dressed Christmas trees and wreaths sparkle on the village of houses, stores, churches, and even a train. But the main focus is on the lovely Nativity Sets and angels. Of course, there are also snowmen and it wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa Claus. The side tables hold ornaments, dishes, more angels and decorations of all kinds.

There is also a children’s toy and book section, a CD and DVD section, puzzles galore grace another table. The adult reading area contains many kinds of reading materials which are conveniently placed near a rocking chair and an easy chair. Of course, there is a reading light nearby.

Other seasons are also to be found in the flea market. Easter bunnies, eggs, baskets are carefully displayed with more delicate items found on a white wire stand. Valentine hearts, ghosts and pumpkins have also found their way to the flea market. Flower pots, vases, rakes all speak of summer gardening. Watermelon dishes, ice cream dishes, and lemonade pitchers and glasses are ready to quench your thirst.

If you are getting tired looking? Go to the linen corner where you will find comforters of all colors and sizes together with soft pillows and nice linens. Even curtains for bedrooms can be found.

When refreshed, take a good look at the plates showing the days of creation, scenes from “Gone With the Wind” etc. And while you are in that area, stop at the wedding table complete with candles, glassware, bells, special frames to capture that special moment.

Now, if you need kitchen items or want to bake special goodies, go down the kitchen appliance aisle where you can be sure to find what you need from mixing bowls, jello molds and all sorts of containers and cookie tins. The taster corner is found down the ramp where homemade Slovak Chimney Cookies and ice cold tea and lemonade are located.

All sorts or radios, cassette players etc. can be found on the “electric table”. Lovely lamps and wall ornaments, great framed pictures and various types of candles and candle holders are available to decorate your home.

Have you missed a trip to Africa? Then come to the jungle setting where you will be greeted by chattering monkeys swinging from trees. Elephants great and small can be found roaming together with a giraffe. It is a wild country.

Traveling east, you may stop at the China Table. Jars, hand-painted plates depicting scenes from the Orient are on display. A Chinese lamp sheds a warm glow over all the lovely items inviting you to come and browse.

There are more stops to come and see but make sure that you do not miss the a religious table with a wide selection of reading material, statues, crosses, icons, angels etc. Imagine all these blessings.

All the long hours and hard work of the volunteers, the sharing of their talents and time, all the donations from friends and neighbors, come together to make this flea market one in a million, a beautifully orchestrated event. The bonds of faith, friendship, and love made it all possible. Thank you.
Saint of the Day
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
1Sister M. Geraldine Galavits 1989
4Sister M. Hyacintha Gabrie 1993
6Sister Majella Eder 1977
6Sister M. Helena Korosy 1987
9Sister M. Inviolata Tirch 1961
11Sister M. Maristella Eichinger 2005
12Sister M. Theodora Petrash 1995
14Sister M. Veronica Nemeth 2000
15Sister M. Teresa Poruban 2005
16Sister M. Ilona Stefanovics 1986
23Sister Mary Alice Varga 2013
25Sister M. Celestine Fazekas 1934

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