October 23rd, the Feast of the Divine Redeemer, is the biggest feast of our Congregation. So, we celebrated.

Solemn Holy Mass opened the celebration. During Offertory procession we brought the gifts to give thanks to the Divine Redeemer who called to follow His footsteps.

The next day, October 24th, the celbration continued. The entertainment of children, teenegers, and adults brought much joy to the Sisters. 

"Place all your confidence in the Divine Mercy, and alone in the merits of Jesus Christ, our Divine Redeemer." Blessed Alphonse Marie
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
1Sister M. Celestine Bacsi 2020
3Sister M. Alexia Pederi 1981
6Sister M. Ruth Kascsak 1988
11Sister M. Assumpta Krotky 2017
15Sister M. Raphaella Bezzeg 2000
16Sister M. Clotilde Mitru 1977
22Sister M. Michaelina Domeny 1963
22Sister M. Germana Fodor 1969

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