Spiritual Leaders


Parish Priest of Niederbronn

              An Excellent Witness
             Father David Reichard

Father Reichard met Elizabeth during his visit to the parishioners. He found her again among the school children attending his religious instructions. During the preparation for the First Communion he came to know about this child’s eagerness “to know God”, and how difficult it is for her strong-willed nature to obey.

For Elizabeth, Father Reichard was first of all the confessor who supported her in the evolution of her spiritual life and he stood by her in the trials of her illness. Then, all of a sudden and without preparation, he became witness of mystical occurrences with unforeseeable consequences for his parish, for the Church and also for him. He became the parish priest of the “Ecstatic of Niederbronn” and assumed the obligations and difficulties resulting from it. Through his docility to the Holy Spirit in the accompaniment of his parishioner, through his humility in the face of a mystery that is beyond him, he gave the testimony of a man of strong faith. His respect and way of accepting events characterize this man. He became collaborator in the work that Elizabeth Eppinger was called to do and for this reason merits the title “Co-founder”.

Bishop of Strasbourg

          A Support in the Very First Beginnings
                                  André Räss

His long period of office (from 1842 to 1887) in the turbulent years regarding secular history as well as Church history contributed to spread of Catholicism in Alsace. Bishop Räss displayed an untiring zeal to support the boom of Christian life.

Soon he paid attention to the events happening in Niederbronn and closely followed them with great interest. He took Elizabeth under his protection and prudently disapproved of her joining the Sisters of Ribeauvillé. He found it better for her to wait for a sign from Providence and thus favored the foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of Niederbronn through Elizabeth. He continued to have a particular interest and concern for this Congregation. As the Congregation had to go through an internal crisis after the death of the Foundress, he nominated Fr. Simonis as the Ecclesiastical Superior for the Congregation. Fr. Simonis gave shape to the original spirit of the Congregation by giving it powerful impetus.

For reflection:
==> Do I know my Parish Priest and my Diocesan Bishop?
==> Do I keep my mind/heart completely open to my Confessor when I am going to the confessional?
==> Do I follow the advice of my Confessor?
==> What words in particular touched me during confession?
Saint of the Day
We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
3Sister M. Melaine Mraz 2008
5Sister M. Valeria Martin 1951
6Sister M. Rita Galvacs 1984
7Sister M. Xaviera Kraynak 2005
12Sister M. Aloysius Baumgartber 1940
16Sister M. Alphonsa Arvay 1969
17Sister M. Nicolette Dzsaja 1991
19Sister M. Balsamina Horvath 1978
23Sister M. Gonzaga Szabo 2010
24Sister M. Mathilde Kohalmi 2006
27Rev. Colman Kovats 1927

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