First Anniversary of the Beatification

On September 9, 2019, the birthday of our Foundress, we celebrated the first Anniversary of the Beatification of Mother Alphonse Marie (Elizabeth Eppinger). During the Holy Mass, celebrated by our Chaplain, Rev. Edwin Wichman, in Divine redeemer Chapel, we gave thanks and gratitude to our Foundress for the many blessings and gifts we received during the year through her intercession. We, also, gave thanks for our Holy Father Pope Francis, the Sisters and everyone who helped prepare for the process of Beatification especially Sr. Katarína Kristofova.
Since last year when our Holy Father, Pope Francis, Beatified our Foundress, we feel her closeness, more among us. Her spirit is influenced more deeply upon the Sisters, especially now that we have her first-class relic with us. Again, we thank Sister Katarína Krištofová, postulator of the process of the Beatification of Alphonse Marie Eppinger.
The Sisters willingly participated in many ways during Holy Mass. With the symbol of a candle, they followed her charism and example. Sisters gave their lives to God and to serve the poor and slowly their lives are disappearing.
I am so grateful to the Sisters who allowed me to be present at the Beatification ceremony in France at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasburg. There were many Sisters present from Mother Alphonse Marie´s Congregation, her branches from many countries. It was a powerful moment which is hard to explain!
I live this moment memory in spirit and mind, daily, and be really one of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer who fulfills her thoughts through life to serve people and be a witness of Redemptive Love.
God bless you, Mother Alphonse Marie for your life,
Sr. M. Alojziana Spišáková

My wish and pleading to you, Mother Alphonse Marie,
is to help all the living put God first in their lives!
With gratitude,
Sr. Jean Spatola

We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
1Sister M. Martha Berdar 1985
6Sister M. Sabina Horvath 1962
11Sister M. Lucretia Seif 2002
16Sister M. Colombiere Hofstetter 2012
20Sister M. Catherine Kocsak 1995
22Sister M. Perpetua Takacs 1987
25Sister M. Fidelis Biro 1997
29Sister M. Imelda Siebert 1986

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