St. John de la Salle

Memorial: April 7th

Patron Saint of all those who work in the field of education

John de la Salle was known for his work with the poor. He dedicated much of his life to the education of poor children in France. In doing so, he started many lasting educational practices. He is considered the founder of the first Catholic schools. John Baptist de La Salle inspired others how to teach and care for young people, how to meet failure and frailty with compassion, how to affirm, strengthen and heal.

Mother Alphonse Marie’s great love of neighbor urged her to instruct the ignorant, above all, the poor neglected children. She gathered them around her, spoke to them of God, and taught them how to pray. She insisted that the Sisters accept such children in their homes, provide them with food and clothing, and educate them in the fear of the Lord. Again and again she encouraged young girls to work, in order to preserve them from the vice of laziness.

She, also, fervently prayed for the ignorant. "Beloved Jesus, have mercy on this parish! May all the members of the parish recognize the graces that you have given them. Be merciful to parents; enlighten them, that they may better recognize their duties! Have mercy on the youth of the parish and give them a greater love for virtue and for piety!"

St. John de la Salle, pray for us and grant for us the grace that, by our sacrifices, we may rescue from the evil the young and the souls of those entrusted to us.

Prayer: O God, who chose Saint John Baptist de la Salle to educate young Christians, raise up, we pray, teachers in your Church be ready to devote themselves wholeheartedly to the human and Christian formation of the young. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen

We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
1Sister M. Geraldine Galavits 1989
4Sister M. Hyacintha Gabrie 1993
6Sister Majella Eder 1977
6Sister M. Helena Korosy 1987
9Sister M. Inviolata Tirch 1961
11Sister M. Maristella Eichinger 2005
12Sister M. Theodora Petrash 1995
14Sister M. Veronica Nemeth 2000
15Sister M. Teresa Poruban 2005
16Sister M. Ilona Stefanovics 1986
23Sister Mary Alice Varga 2013
25Sister M. Celestine Fazekas 1934

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