Celebration of 170 Years of SDR in the American Region


After the simple community celebration of the 170th anniversary of our Congregation on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, (the actual day in 1849) Sister Alojziana, our Regional Superior, thanked the Sisters for participating in the Offertory Procession during Holy Mass. Each Sister had a special part, either by pushing the wheelchair of the Sister who was bringing a gift to the altar or carefully carrying the gift to the altar. The symbols were beautiful but more so was the “gift” that each Sister so lovingly gave to Jesus, her Redeemer….her life, the many years, the 75, 60, 50, 25 years etc., in this Community.
Sister Alojziana recalled the inspiring words of Father Edwin Wichman, our chaplain, who wove together the feasts of this week, the work of the Church and our Congregation. First, Father spoke of the many years St. Monica prayed for the conversion of her son, Augustine. Her prayers and her tears bore fruit; her son was converted. Secondly, St. Augustine’s life, teaching, and leadership in the Church also brought forth much fruit. Thirdly, Blessed Alphonse Marie also endured much suffering and with fervent prayer and with the guidance of her confessor established a new Congregation. She too, brought fruit to the whole church. We give thanks to God that Mother Alphonse Marie was open to God’s Will and listened to His voice.
Sister Alojziana thanked all the Sisters for listening to the voice of God and following in the footsteps of Blessed Alphonse Marie. Sister added that it is not always easy to follow His voice and we try to do so because we want to bring God’s love to everyone. We want to continue to listen, to follow Christ and the example of Blessed Alphonse Marie, and be fruitful in the Church.

We Remember
Merciful Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
3Sister M. Alexia Pederi 1981
6Sister M. Ruth Kascsak 1988
11Sister M. Assumpta Krotky 2017
15Sister M. Raphaella Bezzeg 2000
16Sister M. Clotilde Mitru 1977
22Sister M. Michaelina Domeny 1963
22Sister M. Germana Fodor 1969

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